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#Android | April 28, 2015

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[Root] Unofficial Port Brings XPOSED to Android 5.1

April 6, 2015 |

About two months ago, we were greeted with XPOSED support for Android devices running Lollipop 5.0.x — albeit a very alpha build. XPOSED gives users the ability to download modules that grant extra features to their devices that normally you’d have to have a ROM for. XPOSED creator Rovo89 previously said that this new version wouldn’t work with Android 5.1+, but thanks to an XDA developer, we now have a working build for Android 5.1.

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Verizon Note 4 Finally Getting Lollipop Update Today!

April 2, 2015 |

We all know that Verizon isn’t the best when it comes to updating its phones (besides Moto devices) but the length of time that the Galaxy Note 4 has gone without receiving the Android 5.0 update is almost hilarious (probably not so much to Note 4 owners). However, Verizon has finally blessed the workhorse phablet with the software needed to push the hardware over the edge — pun?

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The Droid Turbo can now be Rooted… Kind of… for $20

March 27, 2015 |

Oh happy day! I know many (including myself) have been waiting for the day the Droid Turbo would gain root. The device is simply a tank with similar internals as the Nexus 6, but in a smaller package and having a longer battery life — yet stuck on Kit Kat. Now that day has come true… almost.

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HTC Reveals Carrier Pricing for the One M9

March 26, 2015 |

Just like we saw earlier with the Galaxy S6, the pricing models have been released for the HTC One M9 — surprisingly the same day as the S6 pricing was announced,  ಠ_ಠ . HTC also included the price for an unlocked model from their website (happy dance).

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Carrier Pricing Released for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

March 26, 2015 |

Whenever there’s a press conference in which a company announces a new device, the first questions asked by the public always seem to be: “When will it be available?” and “How much will it cost?” Since we already known that the new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will be arriving in stores April 10th, it’s now time to find out how much Samsung will be taking from our wallets as well.

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HTC One M9 Camera App Port Available for Flashing

March 24, 2015 |

It looks like someone has released the system dump for HTC’s new flagship the One M9 online for our lovely developers to tinker with. An xda developer has already figured out a way to port the new camera software over for new phones to download and play with. Can your phone mimic the M9’s shooter?

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HTC Sheds More Light on the One M9, Including April 10th Release

March 19, 2015 |

Earlier this morning HTC had a press Q&A event titled the “Uh-Oh” event in which the main focus was to discuss their new “Uh-Oh” warranty program. While HTC had detailed that in full, HTC also went into detail about all the pertinent information regarding the One M9 — such as the official US release date and possible Google Play editions.

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Deal: Get a Free Moto E With the Purchase of a Moto X!

March 17, 2015 |

Motorola is really proud of their latest products, as they should be. With the recent release of the new Moto E, the company has done a complete refresher of their Moto family: X (2014), G (2014),and the E (2015). With Motorola, you’re now getting more customization, Lollipop, and as of today (for some) the ability to snag a free Moto E!

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Don’t Worry Hackers, The Galaxy S6 is Already Rooted

March 16, 2015 |

Usually we have to wait until after a phone is released, it could be months (Moto! ಠ_ಠ) or it could be day one (Nexus praise!), but eventually it seems like the majority of Android phones (especially popular ones), get rooted. The process to achieve root though, could be daunting, that’s where Chainfire comes in.

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